Notes of Thanks

Dear Nicole,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing pictures you took of Ethan after he was born. You were so great with him and with us, and the pictures are truly a treasure. You have a gift and we thank you for sharing it with us!

Yours truly,
The Smith Family

Dear Nicole,

This is just a little note to thank you for the maternity pictures that you dropped off last night. I had no idea I was that beautiful! Ha ha! Seriously, you captured a glow in me that I am really not feeling right now and I’m so glad we have those pictures as a memory of this special time in our lives. Can’t wait for the bean to be born so we can have you over again!

Love, Marie & Jacob S.

Hi Nicole. We got the pics today…..they look fantastic! I had a lot of praise from the girls at work. Have a new client for you – I will give her your number. They want family pics done for Christmas…..great job!!!

Sherilyn Salamon-Hancock


I have no idea what to say, but wanted to write you a note because I know you use them for your promotional materials. Thank you just doesn’t do justice the amazing memories you have captured for our family. You froze a perfect moment in time for us (with more pictures than we ever expected – you are SO thorough!) and captured the most natural & beautiful looks on our children. We just adore the pictures and will have a hard time deciding what to frame and in what arrangements because they’re all so nice and there’s such a great variety. You have a natural gift and we’re blessed that you decided to share it with the world, even just as your hobby.

We’ll be getting family photos done with you annually, so be sure to save us a spot!

With so much appreciation,
The Findlays

Wow!! I just had to tell you this…I sent the link to friends and family and my inboxes have just been flooding over with compliments on how beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful the photos are. You really did an awesome job Nicole and I can’t thank you enough for such wonderful photos you’ve taken. I’m extremely impressed! Now I’m regretting not booking a new born session at the same time, LOL!! Two thumbs up to you and the wonderful job! Thanks again!

Melissa Heninger

OMG! My parents brought them over after they picked them up and she’s just beside herself…she loves them all and finds it really hard to pick any to print out. She wants me to pick some too and I’m having a really hard time trying to pick anything out.

Thanks Nicole, they turned out wonderful 🙂

Melissa Cote

Hi Nicole, just went through the pics and LOVE THEM! What a gift you have! Thanks so much again!

Crystal Brazzell


One Response to “Notes of Thanks”

  1. Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments!

    When you send me these lovely messages, I copy and paste them to this page when I get a chance as a reminder of why I love doing what I do.

    I truly appreciate the honour of capturing your special moments for you!

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